Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Welcome to “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest” full of tidbits and good ole stuff for the creative soul! Here’s a line from one of my fave movies, Forrest Gump……….My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” So heads up my friends, you’ll never know what you’re going to see or read here either.

Kathy’s Treasure Box of Paints

People ask what kind of paint I use so I thought I would take a moment to share.  Most of my oil paintings are created with Winsor & Newton, which is a moderately priced oil paint. A few others I use are Richeson Oil, Sennelier Oil, Rembrandt and Charvin.  Charvin oil paint has been around for over 175 years and was used by the famous Cezanne. I have found that my work looks much better if I don’t use the cheap paint, if I’m going to spend time painting something special, I want good materials. I keep my paints in a box, kind of like a treasure chest.

Hand Sanitizer Gets Paint Out! Most of the time I wear an apron, but still manage to get paint on my clothes, imagine that? I stumbled upon this quick paint spot remover/ cleaner quite by accident about a year ago, not only does it help fight germs, it is EXCELLENT for getting paint out of clothes or out of carpet. It does not matter if you use the one with aloe, or the plain one, the expensive one or the cheap stinky stuff from the Dollar Store.  Hand sanitizer holds a royal place by my brushes and sink.

great paint remover

Kathy’s Surprise Give-away

Congratulations to Vivian Sholar, her name was drawn from www.random.org  and has she has chosen the mermaid print “Buttercup” for her prize.  Thanks Vivian for following my blog and to everyone who took the time to follow! Each month I will be doing another give-away, if you follow my blog you automatically will be entered each month for a Kathy SurPRIZE!

Congratulations Vivian, you win “Buttercup”

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