a chapel, decorating and art candy…Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

My inflatable island studio

I transformed my oasis island titled “Anything Goes” into a floating studio, complete with brushes, paints and watercolor paper.  As the artist in me looked around with  discerning eyes around the lake, I noted the new little chapel at Clearwater.  It’s sweet and charming little steeple rises sharply above the surrounding buildings. This little watercolor is painted with water from White Lake, all I needed to do when I rinsed my brush or loaded it with water and paint was to just swish my brush lazily in the water. Beware White Lakers…..caution if you see me aboard my floating studio, I maybe painting you!

“Anything Goes” island/ Kathy’s inflatable studio

Clearwater Chapel

Decorating with Mermaids

Painting mermaids became a personal joy a few years ago, in fact, I want to be a mermaid when I grow up! One of my customer/friends loves mermaids as much as I do and has found a smart savy way to decorate.  She bought mermaid prints from me and framed them herself, then painted her walls to complement the mermaid prints.  The white frames make the mermaids pop against her pretty green wall. Stunning I might add, not to mention my ego has incredibly been blown sky high!  I love Cristy’s decor, don’t you?

mermaid prints on a beautiful lime green wall
“Jezebel” print in bedroom

I love brown boxes from Jerry’s!

art candy via mail….yum (of course I don’t eat it)

Many people have asked me where do I buy my art supplies, my Number One fave place by far is Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, NC.  I always order on a Friday (free shipping) and search out for their sales on their already low prices………saves gas too! This attractive box came in the mail today full of art candy……….yum!  www.jerrysartarama.com

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