on the road again………Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

On the Road Again

Jodi Ohl techniques
plein air painting Historic Swansboro

It was MY weekend to paint with Jodi Ohl and plein air with the OOPS group.  Funky fish and a mermaid theme were my choices for a fun play with paint at Artful Living in Carolina Beach.  Sunday I joined the OOPS group (Onslow Outdoor Painting Society) for an afternoon of painting in historic Swansboro. I was thrilled to paint among new friends and some that I’ve known for only a year or so.  One of my highlights of the weekend was meeting a young artist/mom from Camp Lejeune, she reminded me so much of Angie, one of my favorite students from years ago. Gwyn is so talented, she drew several of us as we painted under the blazing sun……..here’s a photo of the two of us and her drawing of me.

my new friend
Gwyn’s drawing of me

One thought on “on the road again………Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing your painting life with us. I love all your paintings. You are certainly a gifted lady and you seem to be having fun! Keep up the good work. I hope to have another class with you one day when I visit Lori again.


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