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My first gallery select show is in Cary, NC, I’m so EXCITED.  Please join me and the rest of the BEACH artists at the ARTISTS reception this Friday, August 31, 2012 from 6:00-9:00 pm.  You get to vote for your favorite work of art (sure do hope it’s a mermaid) .     Please consider this your invitation. Here is the address:

Chambers Arts Gallery

200 S Academy Street

Cary, NC  27511

Come to The BEACH! August 31 6-9 at Chambers Arts! 

Vote for your favorite art 

For the Winning Artist a

$100 People’s Choice Award 

Central Carolina Songwriters Association perform 

Beach! Art Show Inspires        

SIP… hosts our Wine Tasting 

Tropical Small Bites

Click the link below for a quick sneak peek of the show


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first in Angel series

“Angels among Us”

here’s my first angel in my Christmas Angel series………she’s titled “Angels among Us”………oil on 5″x7″ ampersand panel with text incorporated in composition……”I believe there are angels among us.” Perfect for framing or display on table.

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My First Gallery Select Show

dropping off my mermaid paintings at Chambers Arts

Super excited about the upcoming BEACH exhibit at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC.  I was a bit nervous as I drove to Cary this morning and dropped off my two mermaid paintings that were accepted in the show (this is my very first gallery select show).  Lynda, the gallery owner soothed my nerves with her warm and endearing personality…….she made me feel so at ease.  You are  all invited to come meet the artists (and I’m one of them, woo hoo!)  Friday, August 31, 2012 from 6:00-9:00 pm at Chambers Arts, 200 S Academy Street, Cary, NC  27511

Plein air painting at White Lake

\ plein air painting down by the lake

I did get a chance last week to steal a few minutes for painting down by the lake.  I was hopeful that a sailboat or two would glide by, but no such luck!  I’ll be taking this painting back down to catch a few sails soon.

Birthday Cupcake, “Celebrate”

birthday cupcake

Someone (not telling who) celebrated a birthday last week……………mmm………wonder who that could be?  A lovely way to celebrate is with a Burney’s Sweets and More luscious creamy sweet cupcake! I just love that place, too much!

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Hi Friends, I am thrilled to announce that two of my mermaid paintings have been accepted in BEACH art exhibit in Cary, NC. and YOU are invited to come see the show and come see ME!  Here is the announcement from Chambers Arts…….

Lynda Chambers of Chambers Arts! announces Beach! Art Exhibit Winners

“I am so excited.  Please mark your calendar – August 31 – Final Friday 6-9 pm for  the artists’ reception for Chambers Arts Beach! Art Exhibit.  The work is, well, humbling. It is so beautiful and now I am at the Beach! right here at Chambers Arts! www.chambersarts.com located in Ashworth Village in Downton Cary, NC.  You can meet the artists that Friday night too while we celebrate The Beach!

Beach! exhibits August 25th (Lazy Daze) through September 19, 2012.

Members of The Central Carolina Songwriters Association www.ccsa-raleigh.com  will perform original works on August 31st too.  The group was formed to support the craft of writing songs! I am making tropical treats. SIP …A WIne Store www.sipawinestore.com  will be serving something sexy…as always. Aloha”




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twinkling H2O’s and plein air……Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

twinkling H2O’s

I’m always on the lookout for the newest hip art products, and these shimmering watercolors are awesome!  They work like watercolors and go on smoothly and when dry are lustrous and shimmery. I love them! They will be available at Hobby Lobby soon.

my newest acquisition…twinkling H2O’s

twinkling H2O’s make beautiful bookmarks…………..

bookmarkers made with twinkling H2O’s


…..so what is plein air?

En plein air means to paint in the open air.  Once a month I travel to Jacksonville where I meet with a wonderful group of artists called OOPS, Onslow Outdoor Painting Society. They have welcomed me with open arms and we paint different venues each month in Onslow County.  I would love to start a group in my own county, maybe one day?  I have compiled a list of items one might need before going in the field.

What you will need for plein air painting:

1. Tubes of oil, watercolor or acrylic paint—ideally a limited palette………..you can also sketch or use pastel

2. Several brushes

3. A portable, sturdy easel and tripod

4. Stretched canvases (or other kinds of support) to paint on

5. Wide hat, sunscreen, and bug repellant

6. Lots of water, both to drink and to clean your brushes (if applicable)

7. Turpentine or solvents (if applicable)

8. Lots of paper towels or rags

9. Trash bags to clean up after yourself


Early Winter 2


Early Winter

This winter I challenged myself to paint our pier at the end of our street, my first time painting in the bitter cold. I painted the same scene two different ways, one where I used local color and the second where I infused my own colorful interpretation.

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This month’s winner is Renee from Brunswick County.  She chose “Curious, I Can Do All Things” print as her prize.  Congratulations Renee!

“Curious, I Can Do All Things”

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“Pearl” oil on canvas 20″x24″

“I think every little girl’s dream is to be a mermaid or to see a mermaid.

[When I was younger] I would go to the beach and cover myself in the sand.

People from different cultures and centuries have the same idea of what

mermaids are … so that’s maybe a cool thing to think about.”

– Emma Roberts

“Pearl” oil on canvas 24″x20″



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Hi and WELCOME to Tuesday’s Treasure Chest, every Tuesday you’re in for a bit of musing and discoveries.  Thanks for following me on my painting journey!

Journey to Nags Head

My hubby and I traveled to the Nags Head and spent a little time with some pretty amazing friends last week.  My friend Betty chauffeured me around to some of the coolest hip shops in Manteo while her husband, Rodney took my hubby fishing.  What an enjoyable time we  had……..no stress, delicious food and good friendly conversation…..not to mention sipping Chardonnay on their front deck.   One of my favorite shops in Manteo was The Christmas Shop and Island Gallery where I discovered some lovely mermaid trinkets and caught glimpses of angels too.  If you’re ever in Manteo, NC, The Christmas Shop and Island Gallery is a MUST SEE…here’s their link http://outerbankschristmas.com/fine-art.htm

(love these mermaid soaps, tea towels, )

my new mermaid trinkets

Kathy’s Favorite Paints

my favorite oil colors

Friends want to know, what are my favorite colors of paint?  My very favorite oil paint colors are:  Old Holland’s Caribbean Blue, Winsor & Newton’s Permanent Rose and Winsor & Newton’s Indian Yellow.  Caribbean Blue makes a vivid turquoise and Permanent Rose is such a hot pretty coral-like color.  Indian Yellow mixes with anything and makes everything more brilliant. I use all of these colors in my mermaid paintings……….here’s a glimpse of one of my newest mermaids where I used these three colors and more………will share more faves later, stay tuned.

detail of “Pearl”


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