favorite paint colors, shopping in Nags Head and mermaids…..Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Hi and WELCOME to Tuesday’s Treasure Chest, every Tuesday you’re in for a bit of musing and discoveries.  Thanks for following me on my painting journey!

Journey to Nags Head

My hubby and I traveled to the Nags Head and spent a little time with some pretty amazing friends last week.  My friend Betty chauffeured me around to some of the coolest hip shops in Manteo while her husband, Rodney took my hubby fishing.  What an enjoyable time we  had……..no stress, delicious food and good friendly conversation…..not to mention sipping Chardonnay on their front deck.   One of my favorite shops in Manteo was The Christmas Shop and Island Gallery where I discovered some lovely mermaid trinkets and caught glimpses of angels too.  If you’re ever in Manteo, NC, The Christmas Shop and Island Gallery is a MUST SEE…here’s their link http://outerbankschristmas.com/fine-art.htm

(love these mermaid soaps, tea towels, )

my new mermaid trinkets

Kathy’s Favorite Paints

my favorite oil colors

Friends want to know, what are my favorite colors of paint?  My very favorite oil paint colors are:  Old Holland’s Caribbean Blue, Winsor & Newton’s Permanent Rose and Winsor & Newton’s Indian Yellow.  Caribbean Blue makes a vivid turquoise and Permanent Rose is such a hot pretty coral-like color.  Indian Yellow mixes with anything and makes everything more brilliant. I use all of these colors in my mermaid paintings……….here’s a glimpse of one of my newest mermaids where I used these three colors and more………will share more faves later, stay tuned.

detail of “Pearl”


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