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Happy Halloween Eve friends, first I would like to announce that I will be featuring “The Twelve Days of Angels” starting tomorrow.  I will be featuring a different angel each day for twelve days as a prelude to their release on November 11, 2012. Their release will coincide with Smellie Bloomers’ Christmas Open House on that Sunday from 2:00-6:00pm. You are invited to come see me at the Christmas Open House and register for a free angel print. Save the date!!

One more wonderful thing, I am proud to announce that my son Stevie will have original paintings, prints and cards for sale.  Look out also for his new Facebook page called “Painted Wheels”.  Stevie creates these paintings with his wheelchair as he pours and drips paint on canvas, then rolls over the paint and canvas with his wheelchair, sometimes Leroy (his service dog) helps by adding paw prints.  Stevie’s cards and prints can be affordably framed for keepsakes. Stay tuned……………..

Painted Wheels

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“Dream Angel”

New collage techniques and new paints inspired me to paint “Dream Angel”.  She is the first piece created on my new online class with artist Jodi Ohl.  Painting is my passion, but with Jodi I’ve been trying out some brand new drawing pencils too!  “Dream Angel” 8″x 8″ mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas and I am excited, I hope you like her!

“Dream Angel”

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Pondering and dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, they are my most enjoyable times of the year.  I love the thankful hearts, the joyful giving and celebrations that come with this special time.

Those of you who know me, know that painting is truly my passion, but it would not be so without the support from my friends and family.Kind deeds and thoughts do not have to be grand to settle comfortably in one’s heart, often the most simple gestures can be the most uplifting.  I am thankful for good friends who text me and say they have grapes fresh off the vine and ask me do I want to paint them?  One friend did just that and as the result I painted “Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” . This painting will be included in “French Kisses” gallery select exhibit which celebrates everyday joys.  “French Kisses” artists’ reception is tomorrow night, October 26, 2012 at Chambers Arts Gallery in Cary, NC.

“Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” 6″x6″ oil on ampersand panel

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Bartering…as old as the Agora of Athens

a little wine shop in New Bern

Last week when my husband and I were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary (he went fishing and I painted the town during the day, maybe that’s the secret of our 40?) I started painting a quaint little wine shop in New Bern.  As the painting progressed the owner came out and asked me if the painting was for sale, and to which I replied “yes”.  The next day I delivered the painting, we worked out a bartering agreement where she got the painting and I got some really good wine.  Maybe I need to hang a sign that says “will work for wine” on my easel? Maybe not, but  I was happy to leave my little painting in her beautiful shop.

my little painting at home in Fraser’s Wine Shop

“French Kisses”, my second gallery select show….

I have seven of my newest pieces that will be included in the art exhibition called “French Kisses” at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC.  The theme is comprised of  small paintings that have to do with everyday joys of life, stop by and see my work and chat with me this Friday night, October 26, 2012 from 6:00-9:0pm. You can check out Chambers Arts here http://chambersarts.com/

“Pink Chiffon” for French Kisses Exhibit

a little help from my sister-in-law…

I have a couple more angels to paint, but wanted to show you my latest…still wet on the easel.  My sister-in-law, Ann, sent me a photo of a beautiful little boy, and “Nolan” became my newest angel inspiration. My Christmas 2012 Angels series will be available at Smellie Bloomers, a unique gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC on Sunday, November 11. Here is “Nolan” in the first stages of painting.

the start of “Nolan”

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A little art lesson………..

Sharing a brief angel painting art lesson with my friends and followers. It will show you how I start my painting and the progression of the painting from start to finished piece (I will try not to bore you).

1. First step is to find a photo that inspires you, I found a cute little boy named Bryce on Facebook (a friend). Can you guess which of Bryce’s features caught my eye?


2. Next, I blocked in the light areas with a transparent yellow and proceeded to block in the shadows transparent with magenta/purple/blue.

blocking in darks and lights

3. Sometimes it is hard to get a likeness, so I use this trick (copied from Leonardo I think? or was it Rembrandt? I googled it and it was Picasso!!!) I turn the photo and the painting upside down and concentrate on shapes, angles and relationships of one part of the face to another part of the face. This takes my mind off the fact that I am drawing EYES, NOSES, OR LIPS. This is important because we all have preconceived ideas of how eyes should look, instead of relying on the shape we see in front of us. This step is a little strange, but it really works! Local colors are then applied over the translucent paint. Oh, and I love love those chubby little cheeks!(sorry wordpress will not let me place Bryce upside down………..maybe that’s a good thing!)

4. Last, I turn the painting right side up and finish details, smooth and blend, add stronger darks and brighter lights. At this stage I step back several feet from the easel and take a look at the whole painting to see how all the parts look together, and make adjustments.

add final details and highlight/shadows

Turning 40! Congrats to US!

40 YEARS! My husband and I are celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary…October 15, 1972…Happy Anniversary to us!

Want to see more angels?

You are cordially invited to Smellie Bloomers Christmas Open House on Sunday, November 11, 2012. Smellie Bloomers is a unique gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC, and carries my artwork. All of my sweet angels will be revealed and will be for sale. I will also have some Christmas cards for sale. Joy, Carol, and Karen…….you can pick up your angel print that day because I used your angel quotes in my paintings. You will find me painting too, I’ll be on site with my easel, paints and canvases on hand! Save the date!

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I recently signed up for an online class with instructor Jodi Ohl, she’s from not too far away Aberdeen, NC. This amazing class is called “Painterly in Pink” .  It starts off with several drawing exercises, these exercises help improve my drawing skills and I hope that my painted portraits will also benefit. Thought you might be interested in checking her out.


Painterly in Pink with Jodi Ohl

portrait drawing practice


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“Cassie’s Dream”

Here’s my newest cupcake painting

“Cassie’s Dream”

, I got the idea for this painting from a sweet young friend, Cassie (thanks girlie).  “Cassie’s Dream” is one of my paintings that will be in the upcoming Chambers Arts Gallery select exhibit in Cary, NC. Dates for the exhibit are October 22-November 14. I’m so excited!

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a new angel

I could use some help giving this lil boy angel a name, any ideas? This particular angel was inspired by one of my Facebook friend’s photos.

angel boy inspired by a friend’s photo on Facebook

oil on 5″x 7″ gessoboard

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a range of pencils helps achieve a variety of shades

I hope I never get too old to learn, so I’m taking an online portrait and painting class, I’m trying to sharpen my drawing skills.  It is such a delight learning in my pj’s from the young and fabulous teacher, Jodi Ohl. Class materials are drawing pencils 2B-9B and Silks Acrylic paint- which contain mica flakes. When the paint dries, it has a matte shimmery luscious finish.  Having fun fun with THIS homework……….

luscious Silks

Yesterday I took a little art trip with an art buddy of mine and her sweet grandson.  Our destination for this fabulous retired art teacher field trip was Carolina Artists Colony in Sanford, NC, what a treasure of a store. Over 100 North Carolina artists exhibit there, and I’ve put my name on the waiting list.  Check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/carolinaartistscolony?ref=ts&fref=ts

As I was tidying up my studio space today I realized I had organized my “desk” just like I used to arrange my teacher’s desk at school before I retired. There was one main difference, MY homework was on my desk.

my desk with MY homework

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Detail of latest angel

Here’s a sneak peek of latest angel. I will have all my new angel paintings in my 2012 Christmas angel series featured at Smellie Bloomers Christmas Open House Sunday, November 11, 2012. I will be on site painting, mark your calendar!


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