Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….a boy angel, French Kisses and bartering

Bartering…as old as the Agora of Athens

a little wine shop in New Bern

Last week when my husband and I were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary (he went fishing and I painted the town during the day, maybe that’s the secret of our 40?) I started painting a quaint little wine shop in New Bern.  As the painting progressed the owner came out and asked me if the painting was for sale, and to which I replied “yes”.  The next day I delivered the painting, we worked out a bartering agreement where she got the painting and I got some really good wine.  Maybe I need to hang a sign that says “will work for wine” on my easel? Maybe not, but  I was happy to leave my little painting in her beautiful shop.

my little painting at home in Fraser’s Wine Shop

“French Kisses”, my second gallery select show….

I have seven of my newest pieces that will be included in the art exhibition called “French Kisses” at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC.  The theme is comprised of  small paintings that have to do with everyday joys of life, stop by and see my work and chat with me this Friday night, October 26, 2012 from 6:00-9:0pm. You can check out Chambers Arts here http://chambersarts.com/

“Pink Chiffon” for French Kisses Exhibit

a little help from my sister-in-law…

I have a couple more angels to paint, but wanted to show you my latest…still wet on the easel.  My sister-in-law, Ann, sent me a photo of a beautiful little boy, and “Nolan” became my newest angel inspiration. My Christmas 2012 Angels series will be available at Smellie Bloomers, a unique gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC on Sunday, November 11. Here is “Nolan” in the first stages of painting.

the start of “Nolan”

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