Mr. Rudolph’s Gift and “French Kisses”

Pondering and dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, they are my most enjoyable times of the year.  I love the thankful hearts, the joyful giving and celebrations that come with this special time.

Those of you who know me, know that painting is truly my passion, but it would not be so without the support from my friends and family.Kind deeds and thoughts do not have to be grand to settle comfortably in one’s heart, often the most simple gestures can be the most uplifting.  I am thankful for good friends who text me and say they have grapes fresh off the vine and ask me do I want to paint them?  One friend did just that and as the result I painted “Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” . This painting will be included in “French Kisses” gallery select exhibit which celebrates everyday joys.  “French Kisses” artists’ reception is tomorrow night, October 26, 2012 at Chambers Arts Gallery in Cary, NC.

“Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” 6″x6″ oil on ampersand panel

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