“Bryce” from The Twelve Days of Angels

Oh what fun I had painting this little angel.  When friends suggested they would like to see some boy angels, I found a photo of this cutie pie little boy on Facebook and couldn’t take my eyes away from his sweet cheeks.

“Bryce” is 5″x7″ oil on ampersand panel and is the seventh angel in my Twelve Days of Angels.


5 thoughts on ““Bryce” from The Twelve Days of Angels

  1. Hi Kathy! You have such beautiful paintings.. do you ever have prints of your paintings? Some friends of mine just lost their 3 year old son Cole to brain cancer this morning. I was looking up different images of angels and came across this one “Bryce” he looks exactly like him!!!! I would love to try to make it possible for these wonderful people to have a lasting beautiful image of what Cole is now..whole again. Please let me know…thank you for your time. ~Jenn


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