“Nolan” from The Twelve Days of Angels


Thanks to my sister-in-law for sending me a photo of a little boy named Nolan, I really enjoyed painting his expression. You can see this eleventh angel in The Twelve Days of Angels at Smellie Bloomers tomorrow from 2:00-6:00 pm.

Come by and see me! I will have Christmas cards of my angels, prints and of course MORE!

10 thoughts on ““Nolan” from The Twelve Days of Angels

    1. My sister and i go up that way allot. I live at Shallotte. When we can sure would love to get to the shop to see you Angel paintings. I have always been attracted to angels whether it be paintings or anything pertaining to Angels. My son is attracted to Angel paintings as well. He has a huge pic of and Angel over his fireplace. You work is beautiful!!


      1. I didn’t know that you grew up in Supply. If you don’t mind me asking what is your maiden name. I graduated from Shallotte in 1969. You look so familiar and i’m sure i know you but just can’t put it all together.


      2. Graduated in 1972. David and Hazel Sellers were my parents, momma owned Hazels Antiques and my brothers are Wayne and Jerry ( Jerry and my parents are deceased)


      3. Do You know Frank Hewett nickname Buddy? He lives in Raleigh and he is getting ready to retire and move here. He is my first cousin and a great Artist. He did a couple of paintings for me of my Daddie’s shrimp boat.


  1. Angels are all around us i feel them every day. If i didn’t have my special angels i think i would fly away! I have always loved angels and i do believe they are with us every day but we all have one special angel to help us make it through the day.


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