Taking time to update my blog with recent commissions

Ike and Gayle, 18x24 oil on ampersand
Ike and Gayle, 18×24 oil on ampersand
"Maggie" 16x20 oil
“Maggie” 16×20 oil
"Riley Roo" 5x7 oil on ampersand
“Riley Roo” 5×7 oil on ampersand

Beautiful June

"Noah" oil
“Noah” oil
"Samantha" oil
“Samantha” oil






3 thoughts on “Commissions

  1. Kathy-I was wondering if you have any paintings or prints of the mermaid that I liked so much this past summer. Can’t remember her name-blue/green. I know you had cards and pictures of her. I sold one small one framed in my first little booth I had last summer. Have an awesome booth at Miss Minnies in Shallotte with lots of summer traffic expected. I’ve been there since July and love it! I guess Belinda never ordered the mermaid painting-when I moved my booth down the street I somehow lost track of her phone number. It was such fun working with her and finding things she wanted for her house. Do you still have her number-I’d love to get back in touch with her too. Look forward to hearing from you about possibly displaying/selling some of your paintings or prints my booth. Daphne McWhite 910-575-3878



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