Wooly Bully mini tutorial

“Wooly Bully” started with a simple outline with thinned Golden Open acrylic.
I then added warm colorful shadows as a base coat.
Next I painted around the nose and eyes.
The liner brush helps add some pretty eyelashes and texture.
Wool on top of the sheep’s head was added with white paint- it shows up on the base coat I painted earlier.
Oh STOP! It just isn’t turning out like I planned! I really didn’t like my sheep’s face and nose so I waited
And waited
And waited
Finally, after more research, I grabbed a brush and my paint palette and gave “Wooly Bully” a face lift! Oh if I could paint my OWN face lift!!!
I wanted to show that even though some of you think that I make it look so easy to paint something beautiful, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but I tried to make the best of it.
Hmmm….. Kind of like real life wouldn’t you agree?












5 thoughts on “Wooly Bully mini tutorial

  1. Love the mini lessons you keep giving out. So going to have to try them soon. Miss sitting and having ya teach me. The one true thing I hated about getting out of high school.


  2. You are just the most delightful and clever artist I know!!!!! And I do know a few…. These mini tutorials are perfectly wonderful! God’s blessings!!! Betsy

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