Tools and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Happy Tuesday friends. People ask me all the time “What brushes do you use? What is that thing? What palette do you use?” So here’s some sharing.
I use a Silverwhite script brush for details and long lines – here I’m using it for a curvilinear decorative design on one of my commissions.
This Winsor & Newton Gold Finity Artists’ Acrylic paint is good quality and is awesome for metallic touches.
This Jerry’s Artarama water and brush bin keeps your brushes from soaking in the water which prevents the bristles from paint dry it becomes more beautiful. My mother gave me one when I was in college and I still have it- it’s retired like me but brings back good memories when I look at it.
Here’s a little tip- after you wash your brushes let them dry horizontally on a cloth or paper towel-it keeps the water from collecting in the metal ferrule.
A beautiful day to paint on the porch, don’t you think!







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