Discarded bling-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

I gave away my old jewelry and buttons a few months ago, of course I need them now, sigh.
My artist/friend Betty K. has inspired me to create bling assemblages with “pretty” junk, so I have been visiting antique/flea markets scouring the broken jewelry cases and displays. Sometimes I come away with some finds and sometimes I leave with lots of sneezes.
Last week I finished my first bling assemblage and started my second one, the second one includes tiny shells and jewelry.
I am hooked on bling junk now, thanks Betty K.




3 thoughts on “Discarded bling-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

  1. I had sent a comment about this beautiful art but not sure it arrived. Forgive if you’ve recd this already. You should try putting the same type things into a wind chime. They are beautiful and can be big or small. Easy for children to do as well. Love what you made.


  2. Such beautiful work, Kathy! If you need some buttons….I have several jars full and some antique ones still on the original cards; also, I have some antique belt buckles…..if you would like them, I would be happy to give them to you. keep up the beautiful work you are doing. You are so talented!!!!


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