Painting for Adam

This original painting will be offered by silent auction for the Adam Hardee Fundraiser event tomorrow from 4-7 pm at Regal Resort, White Lake, NC. The event is to raise money for Adam and to help him with expenses and costs acquired since his car accident.
Adam and my two sons grew up and played together in our little White Lake neighborhood. Adam and his family have been dear friends of ours for years. I wanted to create a very special painting for this event. The painting was created as I sat at the end of our pier and the sailboat was inspired by a friend who contributed the photo of someone sailing around the lake. I used water from the lake mixed in with the acrylic paint, so it truly is special.
Please come and join us tomorrow so you will have a chance to bid on this special original painting of White Lake.
Happy Bidding!


One thought on “Painting for Adam

  1. Loved your White Lake painting ! I planned to attend the benefit for Adam but developed a problem and spent the afternoonn at the hospital.. …I hope it went well…….

    Hope to see you soon…to catch up and visit.


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