Revealing my 2014 Christmas theme

Hello friends, boy it’s hot outside, it’s a great time to plan and begin painting my new 2014 Christmas theme, Christmas elves! Please don’t bash me because I’m thinking about Christmas, I have to allow time to plan, research, create, sketch, paint and order prints and cards in time for you to enjoy them. I am so excited, I wanted to share with you, here is a sneak peek…..

2 thoughts on “Revealing my 2014 Christmas theme

  1. Hi, i love the theme you have this year for your Christmas designs. This first one is beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.


  2. Hello BackI I spent a little time with Meg and baby at the lake . He is so cute…

    Loves his Mommy and just had time to get to know us a little. 10 months is a difficult age to travel….He loved the water and stuck his face right in and came up laughing.

    Love your elf..look forward to seeing more of them.

    Hello to Stevie….



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