Starving Artists’ Sale

Hello friends and followers, I am so excited to announce that my work will be included in the Starving Artists’ Sale at Carolina Artists’ Colony in Sanford, NC. Carolina Artists’ Colony exhibits over 100 North Carolina artists and is located on 148 S. Moore Street in Sanford, NC. This sale happens only once a year and Saturday, February 21 is the day! All of my paintings and prints will be drastically reduced, but only for this day. Cardinals, mermaids, boats, flowers, still life, landscapes and much more will be discounted. All of this happens this coming Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm. Here are a few pieces that will be included in the sale, come see me!
Cardinal Snow 2014IMG_7255IMG_7241

The Stories we Could Tell
The Stories we Could Tell
"Misty Heart"
“Misty Heart”
Starfish and Snow
Starfish and Snow
"My English Friend"Mosaic DreamsFreedom flag


2 thoughts on “Starving Artists’ Sale

  1. Hello Beautiful! Hope you’re warm and cozy amid the all the ice. Congratulations on inclusion in Staving Artists’ Sale! Tranquility is lovely – What size is it?

    PS – The girls are anxious to resume art lessons if there’s an opportunity this spring/summer.



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