Baby love

Painting has always been my passion, but I am absolutely loving rekindling my respect for pencil. Maybe it’s the purity that graphite offers, or the emerging clarity that drawing with pencil seems to offer. During the last few months I’ve been keeping a sketchbook, actually I can’t seem to collect enough of them, but only recently have I started using them. I hope you will enjoy looking at my drawings as much as you do my paintings.
“Harrison” is one of my first finished drawings, I really love drawing babies, let me know your thoughts.
Also, I am happy to let you know that the Starving Artists’ Sale at Carolina Artists’ Colony was a great success, thanks for the emails, comments and love.

harris mon



4 thoughts on “Baby love

  1. LOVE this work-understand your “purity of pencil” line of thought-almost similar to how moving and timeless B&W photography can be. You are a fabulous artist with a beautiful soul.


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