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Glorius Spring is here and I am so excited. Two new birdcage paintings and a sweet bird are now available at the cutest little gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC. A flower shop and gift shop, Smellie Bloomers is a feast for the eyes and nose, I am delighted they carry my work. 

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I want to revive my “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest” blog posts which I started a long time ago, but got out of the habit (sorry, I’ve neglected by blog and post frequently on Facebook). Let’s do this, I’ll start by sharing THREE terrific things that I treasure………..
First I’ll start with something you might not know about me, in the last year I’ve become an Artist-in residence (kind of). I had the opportunity to trade paintings for Ocean Isle Beach lodging. What did I paint? A mermaid, of course! The beach has long been a treasure of mine, I grew up seven miles from the Atlantic Coast. I’m looking for Artist-in-residence programs, haha.



Here comes the bride, well at least her shoes. I enjoyed painting “Jessica’s Wedding Shoes” after attending her fabulous wedding. Years ago Jessica and her family lived in our neighborhood, my how time flies, leaving treasured neighborhood memories.
"Jessica's Wedding Shoes"

“Jessica’s Wedding Shoes”

Drawing is becoming a treasured and renewed passion of mine, here’s a new mermaid teapot drawing, thinking of painting it, what do you think? Carolina Artists’ Colony is having The Great Teapot Extravaganza in a couple of weeks so I better get busy if I want to enter.
Mermaid teapot study at Starboard

Mermaid teapot study at Starboard

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Every day for over a decade at 5:30 pm these beautiful loyal fur babies waited in anticipation for their friend to come home from work. It was my honor to be asked to paint this treasured story of loyalty and dedication for a special man for his birthday. Happy Birthday Ray. 

“Anticipation” 18×24 oil on canvas


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