“Sparkling Moments” in the spotlight

Good Tuesday morning friends, I am delighted to announce that my abstract painting “Sparkling Moments” is one of the 32 images being considered for inclusion in the iPrintfromHome.com paper sampler and Calibration Kit images. Each year this awesome printing company chooses 8 images for the samples. Won’t you help me take it to the next level? All you have to do is go to their website http://www.iprintfromhome.com/PSCK2015/ and find my painting, just shoot them an email with the info.
My passion for painting continues as I get older, and one of my interests is abstract painting. “Sparkling Moments” is one of my firsts. The effort involved in creating a successful abstract is even more challenging for me than painting a realistic portrait because usually with a portrait, I can use photos for good resource. That is not the case with abstract painting, I have no resource or visuals, abstract compositions and colors come from my soul and my feelings.
Here is the link, in case you would like to vote. Thank you so very much.
“Sparkling Moments”
14×14 framed acrylic

Sparkling Moments
Sparkling Moments

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