wheelchair art, karate, Happy Birthday, paintings and old friends…Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Happy Birthday son Happy Birthday to my son, Stevie. Stevie you’re getting old (22), but your mom is NOT!  Love this picture of Stevie in his karate class with instructor Terry Rich.  Mr. Rich has been teaching Stevie karate since last November, amazing! wheelchair painting by Stevie I was cleaning in my son’s room andContinue reading “wheelchair art, karate, Happy Birthday, paintings and old friends…Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

“Isabella” my dragonfly mermaid

“Isabella” is an Italian name meaning “God is my oath”. She is a special mermaid because she is also a dragonfly. The dragonfly symbolizes change, mental and emotional. As the dragonfly flies across water it represents the act of going beyond the surface and looking for deeper and richer meanings in life. oil on canvas 24″x30″

BEACH Artists’ Reception…..Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

My first gallery select show is in Cary, NC, I’m so EXCITED.  Please join me and the rest of the BEACH artists at the ARTISTS reception this Friday, August 31, 2012 from 6:00-9:00 pm.  You get to vote for your favorite work of art (sure do hope it’s a mermaid) .     Please consider this your invitation. Here is theContinue reading “BEACH Artists’ Reception…..Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

My First Gallery, Mermaids and more plein air

My First Gallery Select Show Super excited about the upcoming BEACH exhibit at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC.  I was a bit nervous as I drove to Cary this morning and dropped off my two mermaid paintings that were accepted in the show (this is my very first gallery select show).  Lynda, the gallery ownerContinue reading “My First Gallery, Mermaids and more plein air”

BEACH Art Exhibit at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC

Hi Friends, I am thrilled to announce that two of my mermaid paintings have been accepted in BEACH art exhibit in Cary, NC. and YOU are invited to come see the show and come see ME!  Here is the announcement from Chambers Arts……. Lynda Chambers of Chambers Arts! announces Beach! Art Exhibit Winners “I am soContinue reading “BEACH Art Exhibit at Chambers Arts in Cary, NC”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

twinkling H2O’s and plein air……Tuesday’s Treasure Chest twinkling H2O’s I’m always on the lookout for the newest hip art products, and these shimmering watercolors are awesome!  They work like watercolors and go on smoothly and when dry are lustrous and shimmery. I love them! They will be available at Hobby Lobby soon. twinkling H2O’s make beautiful bookmarks…………..Continue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”