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30 paintings in 30 days #30

I did it! Here is my 30th painting, sweet “Maggie”. Maggie has been a student of mine for several years, and in that time I have seen her grow from a little girl to a sweet young lady.
I started this painting sometime ago when I was taking a workshop from artist, Jodi Ohl. Jodi mixes a variety of mediums that help capture ethereal qualities. Sensitive, delicate, angelic, fairy-like, and lightness is what I was trying to portray with Maggie’s portrait.
10×11 mixed media


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Oh my, I guess I can’t count! I forgot to paint #18, I skipped over it! Here you go, another lil elf. This time it’s “Christmas Carol Elf”, he is singing his lil heart out.
“Christmas Carol Elf”
5×7 gouache on birch


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“Fairy Tale Dress”
16×20 acrylic on canvas
My #29 in the painting challenge comes from a friend’s photo I saw on Facebook. I’ve always wanted to paint a wedding dress, and this one is truly special.


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“Clearwater Duck”
6×6 oil on canvas
Ha! Loved the photo that a Facebook friend posted of this cute lil duck on Clearwater pier, looks like he want to hop on the pink float. Had fun painting this lil ducky.


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“Little Bluebird Elf”
5×7 gouache on birch
Jumping from beach paintings to winter, “Little Bluebird Elf” is one of my Christmas themed paintings. All of my paintings for the challenge come from my Facebook friends’ suggestions. Three more !


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“Three Stars”
6×12 acrylic on canvas
Will this be my last summer painting for the 30 in 30 paint challenge? All of my themes for the challenge came from Facebook friends’ suggestions or photographs. Wonder what #27 will be?


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30 paintings in 30 days-#25

8×10 oil on pintura panel
Painted by request for a sweet mother of a darling little boy.


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“Ma Ma and Bella”
Oil on pintura panel
Painted by special request, a moment between a grandmother and her granddaughter.


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“Pirouette in Pink”
6×8 oil on pintura panel
Saw this photo on Facebook and had to paint it. My #23 in the painting challenge.


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“Seaside’s Glory”
6×8 oil on pintura panel
A favorite pastime at the beach this week is watching the flag wave back and forth. One time it looked like it was knotted up, but somehow unfurled it’s red, white and blue and started whipping around in the wind. Beautiful.
“Seaside’s Glory” is my 22nd piece for the 30 in 30 challenge.


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