“Noel” from The Twelve Days of Angels

This stringy-blonde blue eyed angel loves to sing, her name is “Noel” and she is the tenth angel in The Twelve Days of Angels. You will find “Noel” at Smellie Bloomers, a unique gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC this  Sunday at their Christmas Open House.  Christmas cards and prints will also be available, come seeContinue reading ““Noel” from The Twelve Days of Angels”

“Angel Arms” from The Twelve Days of Angels

“Angel Arms” text, “In the arms of angels you will fly” was submitted by a Brunswick County girl.  She doesn’t even know she won a free angel print yet because I JUST decided to give ANOTHER angel print away!  Congratulations to Wanda Bradsher!  Send me your address please! “Angel Arms” is 6″x6″ oil on Ampersand panel

“Magic Angel” from The Twelve Days of Angels

Cardinal birds and a magic angel, just in time for Christmas.  “Magic Angel” is the eighth in The Twelve Days of Angels and you will find her at Smellie Bloomers Christmas Open House this Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 2:00-6:00pm. Carol Smith contributed the quote for the text surrounding “Magic Angel”, thanks so much Carol! ComeContinue reading ““Magic Angel” from The Twelve Days of Angels”

“Bryce” from The Twelve Days of Angels

Oh what fun I had painting this little angel.  When friends suggested they would like to see some boy angels, I found a photo of this cutie pie little boy on Facebook and couldn’t take my eyes away from his sweet cheeks. “Bryce” is 5″x7″ oil on ampersand panel and is the seventh angel in my TwelveContinue reading ““Bryce” from The Twelve Days of Angels”

“Hope” from the “Twelve Days of Angels”

I do believe and I feel it from my own personal experiences that we have nothing if we don’t have hope.  Without hope, there’s a kind of numbness to my soul, hope is the opposite………uplifting and comforting. “Hope” is my fifth angel in the “Twelve Days of Angels”, she’s a sweet happy lil angel. OriginalContinue reading ““Hope” from the “Twelve Days of Angels””

“Angel Kiss” from “The Twelve Days of Angels”

Inspired by sweet little girls and kisses from angels on earth, “Angel Kiss” is painted in oil on Ampersand panel. She has a more stylized look about her and will also be included in a pack of 10 assorted Christmas cards. Save the date………….Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 2:00-6:00pm at Smellie Bloomers’ Christmas Open House -my angels willContinue reading ““Angel Kiss” from “The Twelve Days of Angels””