Eye candy

Thanks for taking your time to look at my blog. I would like to share with you six hand-painted mini-canvases on 30″ chains. My friend Faye is quite the expert jewelry designer– thanks friend for your good eye and taking your time to match each painted canvas with the perfect colored beads. My hubby gotContinue reading “Eye candy”

Juicy alcohol inks-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a brand new color love going on–ALCOHOL inks!!! They are so much fun and easy to drip, drop and stamp abstract designs on ceramic tiles. It was easy to create spontaneous designs but I wondered could I create a more recognizable form with these color saturated inks? I spent aContinue reading “Juicy alcohol inks-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Bunny painting tutorial

I hope you will enjoy this little bunny rabbit tutorial. I used Golden Open Acrylic paint but this can also be done with oil paints. Would love to hear from you- have a great weekend! 1. Start outlining the bunny with thin paint 2. Begin blocking in shadows with pinks and purples 3. Shape upContinue reading “Bunny painting tutorial”

Mr. Rudolph’s Gift and “French Kisses”

Pondering and dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, they are my most enjoyable times of the year.  I love the thankful hearts, the joyful giving and celebrations that come with this special time. Those of you who know me, know that painting is truly my passion, but it would not be so withoutContinue reading “Mr. Rudolph’s Gift and “French Kisses””

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….a boy angel, French Kisses and bartering

Bartering…as old as the Agora of Athens a little wine shop in New Bern Last week when my husband and I were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary (he went fishing and I painted the town during the day, maybe that’s the secret of our 40?) I started painting a quaint little wine shop in New Bern. Continue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….a boy angel, French Kisses and bartering”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest……turning 40 and a little angel art lesson

A little art lesson……….. Sharing a brief angel painting art lesson with my friends and followers. It will show you how I start my painting and the progression of the painting from start to finished piece (I will try not to bore you). 1. First step is to find a photo that inspires you, IContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest……turning 40 and a little angel art lesson”