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I haven’t always been an oil painter, 2013 brought in the desire to try new paints and techniques, so I’m stirring it up a bit……..that’s what I’ve been doing with an online class with the phenomenal Jodi Ohl.  Jodi shares her newest techniques with this fabulous  juicy watercolor.

I would like to thank Jodi for reviving the watercolorist in me. Check out Jodi’s art and her blog,  you could also sign up for her Toying on Yupo online workshop (that’s what I’m taking…we could play together) …….. here’s a link to her blog http://sweetrepeats.blogspot.com/

Coming up soon, it’s another Kathy Surprise giveaway for one of my blog followers…stay warm!


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Hello followers, I do hope your 2013 is full of lovely moments you can truly cherish. This past weekend was a blast with a paint buddy of mine……we traveled to Onslow County to paint with the OOPS group (Onslow Outdoor Painting Society). Usually OOPS paints plein air, but decided to paint still lifes in the studio.

floral still life with bird

floral still life with bird

Using a cool APP called Value Viewer, I edited my photo of the still life to display a grid and to change the colors into light, medium and dark values.

value viewer app

value viewer app

Painting values now……..

floral values

floral values

Mosaic Dreams

My delightful inspiring paint buddy Laura and I.

Laura and I

Laura and I





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Happy New Year

blackgreywhiteI would like to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy New Year and to thank you for following my blog.  Your support has made my heart sing many times, thank you for your comments and emails, I read each and every one of them.

Coming up in 2013 will be more gallery posts of my commissions and new work too, but I would love to hear what you would like.  Let me know what you would like to see on my blog in 2013, my heart wants to know.  Your suggestions are always welcome.

Congratulations to Joan Carol Skipper, she is the last 2012 winner of my Kathy Surprise, she received one of my newest metallic prints.


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I love this time of year when there is so much cheerfulness and happiness in the air.  I’ve been really busy painting and I am enjoying listening to Spotify as I paint on my Christmas commissions. I love those cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies too when I finally get to unwind in the evening.

My hands are in water constantly and when I find a good thing I like to share, so I’m passing along a really good hand soap and lotion( like the soap better than the lotion)………from Bath and Body!  The hand soap is so creamy and it’s whipped, it feels like you’re washing your hands with lotion, it’s not drying at all.  As much as I wash my hands, that’s a plus, I might have to stock up on this and use it all year long!soap

And here’s some exciting news! I owe people that went to Chambers’ Arts in Cary and voted for my painting “Cassie’s Dream” a big thank you.  It won “Peoples’ Choice Award”, happy and grateful that this is the second “People’s Choice Award” that I have received in three months. This painting came about when a young lady posted a yummy cupcake on Facebook.  I messsaged Cassie and asked her if she would take a few more pictures, she did and I had fun painting “Cassies’ Dream”. Thanks Cassie! http://chambersarts.com/2012/11/28/french-kisses-peoples-choice-award-kathy-bunns-cassies-dream/

Cassie's Dream

One more item to offer up in my Holiday Studio Sale, a “Lake Santa” 5″x7″ print, email me at kbunn@ec.rr.com if you are interested.  “Lake Santa” easily fits into a 5″x 7″ frame and is reasonably priced.

"Lake Santa"

“Lake Santa”

My easel is full this December and I couldn’t possibly take anymore commissions for now, but I sure can offer  a gift certificate for a painting or have a special one created for you for a unique Valentine gift! Wouldn’t a beautifully painted yummy sweet cupcake be perfect for that sweetheart of yours?

Thanks so much for following my blog, enjoy this time of the year friends!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Kinda skipped Tuesday’s Treasure Chest this week, I was with my BFF in Raleigh while she was having a procedure done.  Cindy is amazing, you all would love her, she is fighting that cancer fight and her spirit is unstoppable!  I am thankful to know her and grateful that she is my friend.

“Cindy’s Angel”

Another thing I am grateful for this Thanksgiving is the opportunity to work with children who want to learn about art.  This past Sunday I had an artists’ reception for my little artists at our local library in Elizabethtown, NC.  This was the happiest art show I’ve ever been to! They started a participatory painting of a turkey, most everyone helped paint it that afternoon. Via www.random.org, my student Ruth Ward won the painting.

James begins painting the turkey


Turkey painting with Cydney

the turkey is almost done with a little help from Hannah and Cybil

The turkey is done, let’s begin celebrating Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for you too………..thanks for following my blog and supporting the arts! Here’s hoping you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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Join me as I share my angel paintings and thoughts for the next twelve days. “The Twelve Days of Angels” will contain some of my thoughts while painting.

“Believe” is the first angel I painted for this series.  I always paint a special series each Christmas for a small unique gift shop in Elizabethtown named Smellie Bloomers. All angels are created in oil and will be revealed at Smellie Bloomers Christmas Open House on November 11, 2012 from 2:00-6:00pm. Angel prints, cards an original paintings will be available.

My  goal as I painted “Believe” was to paint minimal strokes, keeping the composition loose and fresh as I express the joy of my own personal belief that there are angels among us.


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Pondering and dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, they are my most enjoyable times of the year.  I love the thankful hearts, the joyful giving and celebrations that come with this special time.

Those of you who know me, know that painting is truly my passion, but it would not be so without the support from my friends and family.Kind deeds and thoughts do not have to be grand to settle comfortably in one’s heart, often the most simple gestures can be the most uplifting.  I am thankful for good friends who text me and say they have grapes fresh off the vine and ask me do I want to paint them?  One friend did just that and as the result I painted “Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” . This painting will be included in “French Kisses” gallery select exhibit which celebrates everyday joys.  “French Kisses” artists’ reception is tomorrow night, October 26, 2012 at Chambers Arts Gallery in Cary, NC.

“Mr. Rudolph’s Gift” 6″x6″ oil on ampersand panel

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