Tuesday’s Treasure Chest………THANKS,this stuff is good!

I love this time of year when there is so much cheerfulness and happiness in the air.  I’ve been really busy painting and I am enjoying listening to Spotify as I paint on my Christmas commissions. I love those cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies too when I finally get to unwind in the evening. My hands are inContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest………THANKS,this stuff is good!”

Mr. Rudolph’s Gift and “French Kisses”

Pondering and dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, they are my most enjoyable times of the year.  I love the thankful hearts, the joyful giving and celebrations that come with this special time. Those of you who know me, know that painting is truly my passion, but it would not be so withoutContinue reading “Mr. Rudolph’s Gift and “French Kisses””

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….a boy angel, French Kisses and bartering

Bartering…as old as the Agora of Athens a little wine shop in New Bern Last week when my husband and I were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary (he went fishing and I painted the town during the day, maybe that’s the secret of our 40?) I started painting a quaint little wine shop in New Bern. Continue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….a boy angel, French Kisses and bartering”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest……turning 40 and a little angel art lesson

A little art lesson……….. Sharing a brief angel painting art lesson with my friends and followers. It will show you how I start my painting and the progression of the painting from start to finished piece (I will try not to bore you). 1. First step is to find a photo that inspires you, IContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest……turning 40 and a little angel art lesson”

learning and learning and learning

I recently signed up for an online class with instructor Jodi Ohl, she’s from not too far away Aberdeen, NC. This amazing class is called “Painterly in Pink” .  It starts off with several drawing exercises, these exercises help improve my drawing skills and I hope that my painted portraits will also benefit. Thought you might be interested inContinue reading “learning and learning and learning”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….Homework, Silks, and Sanford

I hope I never get too old to learn, so I’m taking an online portrait and painting class, I’m trying to sharpen my drawing skills.  It is such a delight learning in my pj’s from the young and fabulous teacher, Jodi Ohl. Class materials are drawing pencils 2B-9B and Silks Acrylic paint- which contain mica flakes. When theContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest….Homework, Silks, and Sanford”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest…….Halloween witch painting and owls

I know it’s a big leap from angels to witches, but that’s how I roll…..or at least that’s the artist coming out in me.  But never fear, my angels are by my side. I bought this gorgeous colorful witch from a unique gift shop in Elizabethtown, yes, you guessed it…….Smellie Bloomers, oh how I love thatContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest…….Halloween witch painting and owls”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest…….cupcake, angel and tea

What fun I’ve had painting angels this month, and I’m surely not finished.  More angels coming soon, I promise.  Thought I would mix it up a bit with something else that’s sweet (and no calories) , cupcakes!  A dear friend of mine gave me this beautiful tea mat and yummy apple tea……….oh what a peaceful moment sharedContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest…….cupcake, angel and tea”