I love this lil boy….

My neighbor Tonya requested a painting for her son’s bathroom. Tonya loves texture, which is right up my alley so I used layers of colors, plastic wrap texture and smears of subtle  watery hues. Let me tell you about the best part of creating this large painting. Braxton, her two year old precious son helpedContinue reading “I love this lil boy….”

Another Christmas bunny needs a title

I wonder what brilliant names my friends will come up with for this little gray bunny? Remember to post your suggestion for a name for this bunny under the comments section on my blog. If I choose your suggestion you will win a Christmas print. Winners will be announced November 10th. Thanks so much!

This Christmas rabbit needs a name

I am loving all of the cute names my rabbit lovers are posting. Here’s the only black and white bunny I’ve painted for this Christmas season, can you help name it? All you have to do is post your suggestion for it’s name or title on my blog. If I pick your name you couldContinue reading “This Christmas rabbit needs a name”

Christmas print giveaway

Hi friends, last year you helped me with angel quotes but this year I need you to help name my Christmas bunny rabbits. If I choose the name you post on my blog, you will win a Christmas print of your choice. Artists often have trouble coming up with names or titles for their creationsContinue reading “Christmas print giveaway”

Mini tutorial of Christmas bunny

Here is the second bunny in my Christmas bunny series. I thought you might enjoy a tutorial, Merry Christmas early! Materials: Professional Winsor & Newton canvas board Acrylic paint in these colors: Liquitex Titanium White, Brilliant Purple, Indo Orange Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Ultramarine Blue Step one- with watery paint outline basicContinue reading “Mini tutorial of Christmas bunny”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

I am excited to introduce my newest painting you will find it a bit small, but you can wear this canvas. I’ve painted a mini owl on 2″x 4″ canvas. Thanks to my good friend and jewelry designer Faye and to my hubby. Faye designed the necklace and my husband poured the acrylic protective coating.Continue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Wooly Bully mini tutorial

“Wooly Bully” started with a simple outline with thinned Golden Open acrylic. I then added warm colorful shadows as a base coat. Next I painted around the nose and eyes. The liner brush helps add some pretty eyelashes and texture. Wool on top of the sheep’s head was added with white paint- it shows upContinue reading “Wooly Bully mini tutorial”