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“Wings of Compassion”

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Another new angel in my 2012 Christmas angel series. This angel painting and her sister angels will be featured at Smellie Bloomers’Christmas Open House on Sunday, November 11th. This loving angel includes painted text: “Love is how you earn your wings.” Thanks Joy for suggesting this quote, I think it fits this angel perfectly.


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A Happy Place

“Happy Place” was painted for my sister-in-law Debbie. Debbie wanted something “happy” for her office. I hope this painting makes her workday go more by cheerfully.

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The Bridges of Madison County…..a good short read for a long hot summer

Here’s a good book It’s a long hot summer folks here in the south and one of my favorite things to do (when I’m not painting) is to read down by the lake,  so I wanted to share one of my great summer books , “The Bridges of Madison County” by Robert James Waller. The story is about Robert Kincaid, a photographer searching for covered bridges and a housewife Francesca Johnson who is searching for girlhood dreams.  One true love, covered bridges and dreams you will encounter in this short read.  I really truly recommend this book, I’m taking it down to the water today to reread as I always do each summer….. the book is worn and coming apart, but still has magic………..kind of like life at times?

Christmas in July….and there will be angels

Every Christmas I create a new series of paintings that I sell at Smellie Bloomers, a local gift shop in Elizabethtown, NC.    The first year I painted Santas, the second year I painted snowmen and last year I had a reindeer theme.  Each year I listen to my friends and family and get ideas from them as to what Christmas subject they would like to see me paint. I am happy to announce this will be the year of angels, afterall couldn’t we all use a few more angels in our lives? Okay, let me get back to my easel and continue on one angel that I’ve already started……….ooooh, I think there might be an angel give-away coming up in the future, what do you think?

 Colorful Frivolous Pedi


 I love to use bright colors in my paintings and last week I decided to give myself a pedicure. Voila! The bright colors found their way from my palette to my toes.  Happy lazy days of summer to all of you, thanks for stopping by!

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