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30 paintings in 30 days #30

I did it! Here is my 30th painting, sweet “Maggie”. Maggie has been a student of mine for several years, and in that time I have seen her grow from a little girl to a sweet young lady.
I started this painting sometime ago when I was taking a workshop from artist, Jodi Ohl. Jodi mixes a variety of mediums that help capture ethereal qualities. Sensitive, delicate, angelic, fairy-like, and lightness is what I was trying to portray with Maggie’s portrait.
10×11 mixed media


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I haven’t always been an oil painter, 2013 brought in the desire to try new paints and techniques, so I’m stirring it up a bit……..that’s what I’ve been doing with an online class with the phenomenal Jodi Ohl.  Jodi shares her newest techniques with this fabulous  juicy watercolor.

I would like to thank Jodi for reviving the watercolorist in me. Check out Jodi’s art and her blog,  you could also sign up for her Toying on Yupo online workshop (that’s what I’m taking…we could play together) …….. here’s a link to her blog http://sweetrepeats.blogspot.com/

Coming up soon, it’s another Kathy Surprise giveaway for one of my blog followers…stay warm!

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