30 in 30 painting challenge-#30

My last post and painting for Leslie Saeta’s painting challenge is a nativity commission. This painting challenge has inspired me to paint with the palette knife, paint familiar subjects and some I have never attempted before AND paint everyday…which I have not grown tired of. Thank you for following my blog and for all ofContinue reading “30 in 30 painting challenge-#30”

30 in 30 painting challenge-#29

I am cheating, I am taking an online class AND finishing up with the 30 in 30 painting challenge. Here is a watercolor study of the famous genius Gaudi, an architect from Spain. The online class I am taking is called Studying with the Masters, becoming an apprentice. It’s a lovely class, my challenge hereContinue reading “30 in 30 painting challenge-#29”

30 paintings in 30 days Challenge-painting #2

I will learn discipline by doing this painting challenge for sure. I have a hard time being in the painting zone when I have a zillion other things to do too. Teacups are beautiful, the curved slope of the handle, the open circular rim, and the curved sloping sides of the teacup are so delicate.Continue reading “30 paintings in 30 days Challenge-painting #2”