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The palette knife lends itself to a thicker impasto style painting and I love the fresh juicy paint look. Artist Leslie Saeta is posting a challenge on her blog to help artists show their work and to practice their skills, it’s called thirty paintings in thirty days. I painted this pear as a practice piece. Anyway, I’m thinking about joining this challenge and just wanted your thoughts, do you think I can paint thirty paintings in thirty days? Your comments and encouragement are most welcome, leave me a comment below. Thanks!
Juicy Pear

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Happy Thanksgiving

Sending “Hugs and Prayers” and a lovely and special Thanksgiving to everyone. May you make some new memories with your loved ones…safe travels.
Hugs and Prayers

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I wonder what brilliant names my friends will come up with for this little gray bunny? Remember to post your suggestion for a name for this bunny under the comments section on my blog. If I choose your suggestion you will win a Christmas print. Winners will be announced November 10th.
Thanks so much!


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I am loving all of the cute names my rabbit lovers are posting. Here’s the only black and white bunny I’ve painted for this Christmas season, can you help name it? All you have to do is post your suggestion for it’s name or title on my blog. If I pick your name you could win a Christmas print from me! Good luck!

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Hi friends, last year you helped me with angel quotes but this year I need you to help name my Christmas bunny rabbits. If I choose the name you post on my blog, you will win a Christmas print of your choice.
Artists often have trouble coming up with names or titles for their creations so I thought it would be fun to enlist your help.
All you have to do is submit one name for each bunny rabbit by leaving a comment on my blog. Winner will be announced November 10, 2013. Thanks so much, here is my first rabbit.


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I am so excited to announce my new Christmas painting theme, it’s all about bunny rabbits this Christmas season. I used to think that Christmas in July was so not cool until I started painting seasonal subjects, now I understand the time and planning that must be done prior to Christmas.
I will be posting new bunny paintings each month before Christmas… Would like to hear from you.


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“Magic” 8×10 oil on ampersand panel




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Free Spirit

8×8 oil on ampersand panel’ “Free Spirit”


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Thanks for taking your time to look at my blog.
I would like to share with you six hand-painted mini-canvases on 30″ chains. My friend Faye is quite the expert jewelry designer– thanks friend for your good eye and taking your time to match each painted canvas with the perfect colored beads. My hubby got in the action too- he mixed and poured the sealing epoxy that adds a beautiful shine to each one.
The last part of the hand painted jewelry was to decorate the backs–so I painted, stamped and wrote a special word on each one. No two necklaces are alike…. truly special treasures!
Happy Mother’s Day!image




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“Wooly Bully” started with a simple outline with thinned Golden Open acrylic.
I then added warm colorful shadows as a base coat.
Next I painted around the nose and eyes.
The liner brush helps add some pretty eyelashes and texture.
Wool on top of the sheep’s head was added with white paint- it shows up on the base coat I painted earlier.
Oh STOP! It just isn’t turning out like I planned! I really didn’t like my sheep’s face and nose so I waited
And waited
And waited
Finally, after more research, I grabbed a brush and my paint palette and gave “Wooly Bully” a face lift! Oh if I could paint my OWN face lift!!!
I wanted to show that even though some of you think that I make it look so easy to paint something beautiful, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but I tried to make the best of it.
Hmmm….. Kind of like real life wouldn’t you agree?












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