30 in 30 painting challenge-#30

My last post and painting for Leslie Saeta’s painting challenge is a nativity commission. This painting challenge has inspired me to paint with the palette knife, paint familiar subjects and some I have never attempted before AND paint everyday…which I have not grown tired of. Thank you for following my blog and for all ofContinue reading “30 in 30 painting challenge-#30”

30 paintings in 30 days Challenge-Painting #1

Well I’ve done it, I joined a 30 day painting challenge with artist Leslie Saeta along with over 300 other artists. I either am crazy or I will be by the end of January. I do aspire to become a better painter and I am loving the palette knife right now, so be on theContinue reading “30 paintings in 30 days Challenge-Painting #1”

Pear and palette knife

The palette knife lends itself to a thicker impasto style painting and I love the fresh juicy paint look. Artist Leslie Saeta is posting a challenge on her blog to help artists show their work and to practice their skills, it’s called thirty paintings in thirty days. I painted this pear as a practice piece.Continue reading “Pear and palette knife”