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Happy Halloween Eve friends, first I would like to announce that I will be featuring “The Twelve Days of Angels” starting tomorrow.  I will be featuring a different angel each day for twelve days as a prelude to their release on November 11, 2012. Their release will coincide with Smellie Bloomers’ Christmas Open House on that Sunday from 2:00-6:00pm. You are invited to come see me at the Christmas Open House and register for a free angel print. Save the date!!

One more wonderful thing, I am proud to announce that my son Stevie will have original paintings, prints and cards for sale.  Look out also for his new Facebook page called “Painted Wheels”.  Stevie creates these paintings with his wheelchair as he pours and drips paint on canvas, then rolls over the paint and canvas with his wheelchair, sometimes Leroy (his service dog) helps by adding paw prints.  Stevie’s cards and prints can be affordably framed for keepsakes. Stay tuned……………..

Painted Wheels

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karate and Mr. T

Happy Birthday son

Happy Birthday to my son, Stevie. Stevie you’re getting old (22), but your mom is NOT!  Love this picture of Stevie in his karate class with instructor Terry Rich.  Mr. Rich has been teaching Stevie karate since last November, amazing!

wheelchair painting by Stevie

Stevie’s wheelchair painting

I was cleaning in my son’s room and took a closer look at his painting he created a few years ago.  Friends assisted him when he scooted and rolled his power wheelchair over canvas that he dripped and poured acrylic paint on.  Adding texture was easy, he dropped marbles, sticks and oyster shells which dried in the thick oozing paint. Sure would love for him to paint some more, please let me know if you would like a print of Stevie’s painting, just leave me a comment or email me at kbunn@ec.rr.com

an old friend……..

friends forever

What are we without our friends? I am so thankful for them, they are family that your choose and my inspiration!  One of my beloved friends brought an old friend and colleague to my recent art show in Cary last Friday night.  I was thrilled about showing my mermaid paintings, but the highlight of the evening was seeing my dear friend Annette.

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