Tuesday’s Treasure Chest………..a lovely B&B and plein air

Last weekend my new art buddy and I traveled to the historic little town of New Bern and spent the night at this charming little Sail Inn Bed and Breakfast. Check out their link http://www.sailinn.biz/index.html

  Upon arrival we quickly scouted around for scenes that spoke to us enough to want to paint.   There were so many beautiful spots, it was not easy to decide,  but the turquoise door on one of the storefronts grabbed my attention.Painting plein air was hard work, but I look like I’m having way too much fun!ahhh……..a good night’s rest

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest………..a lovely B&B and plein air

  1. Love to see pictures painted of old buildings, bridges, tobacco barns, etc. They are great remberances of our past years. I think the older we get the more we really treasure things from the past.


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