Tuesday’s Treasure Chest? Where did it go?

I want to revive my “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest” blog posts which I started a long time ago, but got out of the habit (sorry, I’ve neglected by blog and post frequently on Facebook). Let’s do this, I’ll start by sharing THREE terrific things that I treasure……….. First I’ll start with something you might not knowContinue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest? Where did it go?”

Getting my Monet on… and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Impressionist paintings have always been a favorite of mine and a couple of months ago I got a chance to paint like Monet (ha) down by Bear Creek in Hubert, NC with some friends of mine. Gail, our hostess and my newest art friend has a beautiful home and studio overlooking the river and sheContinue reading “Getting my Monet on… and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Christmas in July and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

I am so excited to announce my new Christmas painting theme, it’s all about bunny rabbits this Christmas season. I used to think that Christmas in July was so not cool until I started painting seasonal subjects, now I understand the time and planning that must be done prior to Christmas. I will be postingContinue reading “Christmas in July and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Discarded bling-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

I gave away my old jewelry and buttons a few months ago, of course I need them now, sigh. My artist/friend Betty K. has inspired me to create bling assemblages with “pretty” junk, so I have been visiting antique/flea markets scouring the broken jewelry cases and displays. Sometimes I come away with some finds andContinue reading “Discarded bling-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Juicy alcohol inks-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a brand new color love going on–ALCOHOL inks!!! They are so much fun and easy to drip, drop and stamp abstract designs on ceramic tiles. It was easy to create spontaneous designs but I wondered could I create a more recognizable form with these color saturated inks? I spent aContinue reading “Juicy alcohol inks-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Tools and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Happy Tuesday friends. People ask me all the time “What brushes do you use? What is that thing? What palette do you use?” So here’s some sharing. I use a Silverwhite script brush for details and long lines – here I’m using it for a curvilinear decorative design on one of my commissions. This WinsorContinue reading “Tools and Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”

Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

I am excited to introduce my newest painting you will find it a bit small, but you can wear this canvas. I’ve painted a mini owl on 2″x 4″ canvas. Thanks to my good friend and jewelry designer Faye and to my hubby. Faye designed the necklace and my husband poured the acrylic protective coating.Continue reading “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest”