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Stopped by Carolina Artists’ Colony in Sanford this week to drop off some new pieces and to spruce up my art space. Abstracts, dragonflies, Angels, rabbits, bird nests and cupcakes are just a few of the paintings in my little space. 

Of course I couldn’t leave Sanford without lunch at Kathy’s Java Express, I always enjoy a bowl of her yummy Big Bird soup.

Sorry to say goodbye to Sandy, manager of Carolina Artists’ Colony, she always took care of me! Wishing Sandy and everyone a wonderful New Year, and thank you for following my posts.  


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My neighbor Tonya requested a painting for her son’s bathroom. Tonya loves texture, which is right up my alley so I used layers of colors, plastic wrap texture and smears of subtle  watery hues. Let me tell you about the best part of creating this large painting. Braxton, her two year old precious son helped paint the shellcracker fish, oh the memories we made!  He enjoyed painting on the fish but he wasn’t much on putting the fish down on the canvas to make a print (I saw him one time take a sample taste test). Love my lil neighbor Braxton. 

The technique of printing comes from the  Japanese age old art called gyotaku.  

I think I will title this painting ” Braxton’s First Painting”

30×30 acrylic on canvas


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I want to revive my “Tuesday’s Treasure Chest” blog posts which I started a long time ago, but got out of the habit (sorry, I’ve neglected by blog and post frequently on Facebook). Let’s do this, I’ll start by sharing THREE terrific things that I treasure………..
First I’ll start with something you might not know about me, in the last year I’ve become an Artist-in residence (kind of). I had the opportunity to trade paintings for Ocean Isle Beach lodging. What did I paint? A mermaid, of course! The beach has long been a treasure of mine, I grew up seven miles from the Atlantic Coast. I’m looking for Artist-in-residence programs, haha.



Here comes the bride, well at least her shoes. I enjoyed painting “Jessica’s Wedding Shoes” after attending her fabulous wedding. Years ago Jessica and her family lived in our neighborhood, my how time flies, leaving treasured neighborhood memories.
"Jessica's Wedding Shoes"

“Jessica’s Wedding Shoes”

Drawing is becoming a treasured and renewed passion of mine, here’s a new mermaid teapot drawing, thinking of painting it, what do you think? Carolina Artists’ Colony is having The Great Teapot Extravaganza in a couple of weeks so I better get busy if I want to enter.
Mermaid teapot study at Starboard

Mermaid teapot study at Starboard

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Thanks for taking your time to look at my blog.
I would like to share with you six hand-painted mini-canvases on 30″ chains. My friend Faye is quite the expert jewelry designer– thanks friend for your good eye and taking your time to match each painted canvas with the perfect colored beads. My hubby got in the action too- he mixed and poured the sealing epoxy that adds a beautiful shine to each one.
The last part of the hand painted jewelry was to decorate the backs–so I painted, stamped and wrote a special word on each one. No two necklaces are alike…. truly special treasures!
Happy Mother’s Day!image




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Art on the front porch

Yesterday I taught art lessons on my front porch so today is my day for a guilty pleasure.
Adirondack alcohol inks on ceramic tile and fragments is my medium of choice. Listening to the birds chirping and the trickling water in our outdoor pond makes for a pleasant experience.




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Bunny painting tutorial

I hope you will enjoy this little bunny rabbit tutorial. I used Golden Open Acrylic paint but this can also be done with oil paints.
Would love to hear from you- have a great weekend!
1. Start outlining the bunny with thin paint
2. Begin blocking in shadows with pinks and purples
3. Shape up eyes with a smaller brush, I researched and studied several eyes first
4. Take time to mix a rich black, I used sap green, ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson ( or mix 3-4 of your darkest colors …..but don’t use black, mix your black, it is well worth the effort)
5. Paint dark black in the background-I wanted a strong contrast and thought the black would contrast with the white bunny
6, Add a layer of neutral creamy beige over the first layer of purple shadows
7. Mix a pretty light blue to accent and create more depth in the shadows
8. Use a nice liner brush to add that thin rabbit hair texture
9. “George”
“Painting is not for sissies”-Ksbunn








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Happy Valentine’s Day

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!


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