Free Strathmore Workshop-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

Here’s my latest homework from my Strathmore online class with Robert Joyner.
The key to Abstract Expressionism is spontaneous and automatic creation, it’s harder than it looks folks, but I am enjoying this free-thinking journey. Enjoy the photos.










13 thoughts on “Free Strathmore Workshop-Tuesday’s Treasure Chest

  1. Hi Kathy – I found your site via the Strathmore class – i was wondering who did the coke bottle – you really were able to apply the lesson! I love the way it’s readable but still abstract – you haven’t overworked it. i wish I could comment on site but for some reason i can’t so I’ll just post it here instead. I’m DM in the Strathmore class or I’m also using my blogger name as there is also a DK in the class. Looking forward to seeing how week 3 goes.


  2. You did great as could be expected. I just finished my cow…on a smaller panel, but I enjoyed the proces and will make a bigger one.

    I subscribed to the strathmore already last year, and I am going todo the second assignment this week. I will put my cow on line tomorrow..scanner is off again, produces alll kinds of scanned paper with one line on it…grrr. Greetings my friend! Anne Marie


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